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What Is A Photo Walk?

Hello Photo Walkers! I’m Brad Moore. You may have seen me in some of the Kelby Online Training courses, doing a guest host spot or answering Ask Brad questions on DTown TV, or seen my name mentioned on Scott’s Photoshop Insider blog. Or this may be your first time “meeting” me. Either way, I’ll be keeping you all up to date with what’s happening in the Photo Walk world!

So, what exactly is a photo walk?

You take yourself and a camera to a designated meeting place to meet up with other photographers, then venture out into an area and snap away! Walk around taking pictures for a couple of hours, then gather at a restaurant, bar, or other eatery/drinkery, and compare, share, discuss, and have a good time. Then, if you want, submit your favorite photos from the day to the leader of your photo walk to be put in the running for the GRAND PRIZE! What’s the grand prize? Watch the video in the home page of the site to find out :-)

What are the benefits of going on a photo walk? If it’s an area that you’re already familiar with, being there with a group of creative people can help you see things in ways you hadn’t noticed before. Or if it’s an area you’re unfamiliar with, you can get to know the area with other people who may have lived there all their lives! But the best part (I think) is that you get to meet fellow photographers, make new friends, and have fun!

What do you need to bring? Yourself and a camera. Doesn’t matter what kind. If you want to come with a cell phone, go for it. If you want to show up with a top-of-the-line camera and an assortment of lenses and accessories, great. Just remember that it is a photo walk, so what you bring with you, you’ll be carrying the entire time. Personally, I would recommend bringing fairly minimal gear that’s versatile so you don’t have to change lenses every five minutes. Oh, and money for food and/or drink at the end of the photo walk. Wouldn’t want you to starve ;-)

We’re looking forward to a great day of fun, photography, and forming new friendships across the world. As of this posting we have over 370 walks (a number of which are already full), and over 5,300 participants signed up since the Photo Walk was announced on Monday! I’ll be blogging here each day as we add new locations and update this website with more information, so check back often to keep up with the latest. You can also subscribe for updates to this blog by clicking here.

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